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Sam Weber - Everything Comes True

“[Weber] is an expert tunesmith, brimming with addictive, adventurous and confident pieces. Infused with deep wit and wisdom, Weber’s output is truly impressive. His guitar work is also killer, full of nuance, soul and a truly unique voice.… We’ll be hearing a lot more from Weber in the coming years and, more than likely, decades” – Guitar Player   

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Samweber sun1771

Recent Release

Sam Weber - New Agile Freedom

"I think the song of the year is Ex-Lover by Sam Weber. The guy’s a hell of a songwriter, great musician, great guitarist… he’s going to do big things” – Afie Jurvanen, Bahamas

“Some guys can sing. Some guys can play guitar. Some guys can write songs. Some guys know their way around the recording studio. Then there are guys like Sam Weber. [He] can do it all” – Tinnitist

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