JUNO-winning bluesman and conssummate showman Steve Strongman today unveiled a lean and lively unplugged take on "Old School," one of the many choice earworms on his recent album No Time Like Now. The tasty treatment comes via Southern Souls.

"This song is about getting back to your roots," Strongman says. "Modern music in general has shifted from a more raw performance based sound, to letting technology have a huge influence on sound. Get back to the roots."

After the success of award-winning albums A Natural Fact and Let Me Prove it To You, Strongman found himself at a crossroads, and wanted to expand his musical palette on his third outing with producer and longtime collaborator Rob Szabo (with whom he co-wrote "Old School"). 

"I was left thinking 'What now?'" says Strongman. ”I felt like Rob and I had made fantastic records and I was very proud of them, so when I approached Rob about producing a third recording for me, he would ask me, 'What kind of record do you want to make?" That sentiment kept getting reinforced throughout the writing and recording process, as a great producer does. Rob would make me dig deeper into what I wanted to write about and keep the focus on the songs."

A measure of the success of their collaboration, look no further than this clip of "Old School," proof positive that the songs have great bones. Even stripped back, they have a muscular and vital presence.  

"Old School" appears on the album No Time Like Now, available now via iTunes and Sonic Unyon.