Sonic Unyon has partnered with the team at Sound Diplomacy and supported their Music Cities initiative since its inception. The London, UK-based agency is a thought leader in championing the immense value of music — whether furthering cultural development, unlocking human potential, supporting social connection, fostering economic health, and promoting vibrant urban spaces. Theirs has always been an important message, but never more so than in our present moment, when the live music sector faces a grave existential threat. Sound Diplomacy has since created a handbook that spotlights the importance that music and the cultural sector play in the health of cities. It's essential reading for all who care about not just getting back to normal, but working together to build a better future. 

The Music Cities Resilience Handbook offers nine suggestions any city, state or region can take to increase the value of music in their communities. Reforms include recognising music and culture in infrastructure plans, aligning relief to creation, establishing city music registries to support local songwriters and refining and diversifying music education programs.

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